In this Research, we highlight key insights that will empower you to listen closer, learn and know more, and better prepare yourself, your business and your people, for what is yet to come. Informed by 1,000 consumers, you'll learn:

  • The massive opportunity for your business to utilize your staff as 64% of respondents said they typically spend or invest more in products/services after an in-person appointment or face-to-face meeting 

  • Help better understand what it takes to meet modern consumer needs and expectations

  • And keep them coming back for more while increasing revenue

Strong customer journey management helps you convert more digital customers into in-store experiences. Nearly 63% of baby boomers said having access to knowledgeable and well-trained associates is a factor when choosing one business over another.


The Research shows that you must enable your customers to Start Anywhere, End Anywhere in their journey. Take millennials for example: Our research shows that to reach millennials, 63.1% expect businesses to have personalized insights available.