Creating Profitable Engagements For Financial Institutions

BookingBug brings a range of retail banking engagement solutions to help personalize relationships and bolster customer experience. Whether it’s a first time home buyer appointment or a customer planning their retirement, global leaders in banking see the value in offering scheduling experiences that create profitable customer engagements.

2018 Modern Banking Research Webinar

For the second year running, BookingBug has conducted in-depth research on the preferences and behaviors of consumers and how they interact with financial institutions. In this exclusive webinar, we’ll unveil our findings, provide recommendations based on the insights and end with an interactive Q&A session.

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Date: June 12, 2018

Time: 11AM EDT / 4PM BST

What you'll learn:

- What customers expect from in-branch experiences 
- Actionable insights on how you can improve your customer experience 
- The importance of consistency in customer service
- How hosting events can increase revenue and more!

One platform for a range of time-driven customer and personnel needs


BookingBug’s appointment scheduling is proven to create superior customer experiences, while maximizing staff and resource utilization. It’s trusted by leading global banks to manage their most important customer engagement journeys across thousands of branches.


Our scalable events solution allows for complete flexibility to provide engaging events that reflect your business, increase foot traffic and customer spending, and bring in new business. Events seamlessly integrate with existing systems, combining ease of use with powerful tools to make the most out of your in-branch events.


BookingBug’s dynamic queue management is a scalable customer management solution for multi-location organizations. It intelligently leverages configured, historic and real-time data to calculate queue times and manage customers–meaning customers receive accurate and personalized wait time information.

Robust integrations

Our Integration Gateway supports 30+ powerful integrations across a number of application categories from CRM to Calendar to Payments, delivering real-time integration with your current and future applications of choice. Our out of the box capabilities result in a simplistic implementation and our expertise ensure this will continue throughout your customer lifetime.

“We are more agile now, and able to make decisions based on intelligence that we simply didn’t have before. We can monitor and have great insight on areas like capacity, time management, return on investment.”

- Jessica Lugo

VP Retail Strategy Officer, Oriental Bank